Surgical Orthodontics

In order to properly and completely correct a dysfunctional bite or to address facial symmetry and disproportion, some patients require surgical manipulation of the jaws, in conjunction with orthodontic treatment with braces.

In some patients, what may appear as a tooth-related issue is actually the result of a discrepancy in the way in which the upper and lower jaws are positioned.  Dr. Mangiarelli works closely with local surgeons who specialize precisely in orthognathic (jaw) surgery to offer optimum orthodontic results.  A period of braces followed by the surgical procedure can address various issues with the jaws to not only improve dental function, but also dramatically enhance a patient’s facial proportion and appearance, and for some, self-esteem. In order to determine if your orthodontic treatment plan requires surgery, Dr. Mangiarelli will evaluate your goals and needs at the consultation.